Sunday, 22 March 2009

Morning was early for us today, 3am i guess i woke. there was a disturbance at the Comunity center i had to hide in the bathroom due to the MPD pressence, seemed some youthful pro Human vandles where bitching about adults and hybreds. Makes me laugh how kids adopt such negative views, I got a soda from the vending machien out on the high street before sitting by the river watching the muck and debris float off towards open water. Probbly was around 4 when Yvan jumped me, well she and I spoke for a while then she headed back to the high street i still had much to do. Still figuring out what is going on in my head. There was an incdent in the highstreet, Yvan was attacked by what seemed an biomech, i took the thing out before it caused anymore problems but Yvan was injured again. She don't seem to have much luck with our kind.. i say our kind but i really don't know what i am yet. The body of the mech was full prostetic the brain and everything was manufactured it seemed government from what Yvan could make of it, from what i could tell the Data node was hardlocked and wasn't able to be accsessed, Atleast not without propper equipment. Yvan needs to get in touch with Red soon, I let her keep hold of the Cyberbrain the body is locked in a broken moruge locker, i hope it will stay undiscovered till i can dispose of it. One more thing, Yvan looked at my own Data node, she suspected i may be of high grade tech something new and not just another mash of random parts like normal biomechs. I suspect i may be an Android more then a Biomech i may seel have the chance to find memorys but there could be a posblity i have none to begin with.

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