Monday, 23 March 2009

The damin brain was wiped clean, kinda how mine is but lacking everything from motor function and speach programming, the droid was being compleatly remote hacked like a puppet.
The brain was of ruissan designe but hardly combat grade, it was a domestic droid probbly used for cleaning or maybe a love doll. Whatever the perpous it wasn't being used for that anymore and seemed to resort to spy and combat of what it isn't designed.
The body is still in the cooler but i dare dispose of it untill i find out more.

Sidney was a hybred and a smart kid, she was able too bypass the hard locks remotly but as for my own, I may need to dive my own brain at some point and figure it out. I had a dream again, warm neon rivers glowing brightly under tall streams of data, i was weightless and free floating though the system. Why am i dreaming of the digital world i've never been in but it comforts me it's like home, somewhere i belong, somewhere i call home. My knuckles hardly damaged but i still run my thumb over them from time to time wondering how much strength i posess, I'm afrade to find out the wrong way I could hurt ones i have come to hold close to me, maybe even care to much about 'Yvan' ... Shes not the same in combat, i sence her change her body temp changes her eyes darken she becomes something else much like i fear i will become if i ever unlock the secrets in my skull.

This moring was cold, i haven't had water yet, my body seems to burn for it all the time i haven't really eaten in nearly a week i hadn't relised i've been living on water alone. Why water... what am i? a fish? Biomech, i can't even look at myself as a monster of science a man driven by a want to improve and perfect to the point of deformaty, I am nether. I look at myself i look human in part, my eyes glow my skin feels real my hair is like my eyes, optical fiber and silicon it's beautiful really to look at if i wasn't looking at myself.

'Yvan'... shes in some shit again, i'll find out more when i see her later, another biomech attack the text was rambled in short hand i worry shes in trouble...

was only standing outside the pit, some skirt tryin to grab my attention chewing gum but it wasn't what i needed to see when Yvan was staggering down the street bleeding from her back arms and hip. "Damn it Yvan," why do you need to get it such shit.
I spent 2 hours pulling shards out of her back and sewing her up before that holyman turned up almost as baddly banged up, they got attacked by another BioMech, 'Mr crispy' i think they call him, nasty son-o-bitch.

Kain's injurys were minor i was suprised i knew anything of medicen it just came naturaly for some reason like a reflex. Kain was banged up n broken too i was pissed at the son-o-bitch too but i couldn't blame him.... shes ment to be the one looking out for me but i seem to be patching her up. Kain's broke arm should heal in a few weeks but i can't to much for his leg muscels there gonna need looking at by a doctor or something but i took out all the buckshots, he can be thankful it wasn't any closer it would of taken his leg clean off....

my mood isn't too good but i'll calm down in time.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Morning was early for us today, 3am i guess i woke. there was a disturbance at the Comunity center i had to hide in the bathroom due to the MPD pressence, seemed some youthful pro Human vandles where bitching about adults and hybreds. Makes me laugh how kids adopt such negative views, I got a soda from the vending machien out on the high street before sitting by the river watching the muck and debris float off towards open water. Probbly was around 4 when Yvan jumped me, well she and I spoke for a while then she headed back to the high street i still had much to do. Still figuring out what is going on in my head. There was an incdent in the highstreet, Yvan was attacked by what seemed an biomech, i took the thing out before it caused anymore problems but Yvan was injured again. She don't seem to have much luck with our kind.. i say our kind but i really don't know what i am yet. The body of the mech was full prostetic the brain and everything was manufactured it seemed government from what Yvan could make of it, from what i could tell the Data node was hardlocked and wasn't able to be accsessed, Atleast not without propper equipment. Yvan needs to get in touch with Red soon, I let her keep hold of the Cyberbrain the body is locked in a broken moruge locker, i hope it will stay undiscovered till i can dispose of it. One more thing, Yvan looked at my own Data node, she suspected i may be of high grade tech something new and not just another mash of random parts like normal biomechs. I suspect i may be an Android more then a Biomech i may seel have the chance to find memorys but there could be a posblity i have none to begin with.

Friday, 20 March 2009

bought a this neko girl a drink we got talking, told her about my memoryloss. "felt like i lost my brain" like the scarecrow she replyed. seems from then she called me Crow, shes my gardian i guess maybe not as strong as me physicly but she knows the streets and where i would trust she would not and this is for good reason i guess.bitter taste in mouth though heard movement in the back room at the snake pit like growling and the smell of raw meat stank from the corner juniper and the serpant i guess had business together but i don't know what was making the growling no snake and juniper was as far as i could tell humen in apperence.i slept in the comunity center bunks.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

not much has happned in the last few days since Sunny & mack checked me out, hell i don't know what i've been doing lately.Air is moldy with the smell of rotten garbage, this city stinks at times. i spent time in the bar again.Girl at the bar said she would ask around if any work was out there, that and i need someone more in the know about my cybernetticsI slept at the center lastnight, made a change, was able to shower n atleast not feel like a bum. March

Saturday, 14 March 2009

slept rough under a pile of garbage, i guess it was a good thing i smelt like shit i would of ended up meat for the animals on the catwalks.heads hurting again.A kid walked up to me, she must of been maybe 20 but she was a lot shorter then most adults, she looked odd not like the feline hybreds but more likea mousey one her ears where round n her tail was wormlike. she told me someone could help n took me to see a doc across the waters.This part of the city is a lot cleaner but more military here seems they run a tight ship on things n don't allow hybreds to go unchecked.mouse took me to the apartment, her friend was a dish but looked like she knew her stuff least i hoped so, i didn't wanna be poked and prodded by a skirt least not today my head is killing me. Doc couldn't work out but found hardwear in my head and body like i'd be altered. she helped with pain n gave me meds for it the headaches are goingbut i need the medication still. Doc, "Sunny" needed a second opionion from a ex mliltary tech she treats, the tech knew more about my problem i guess said i got a cybernetic brain or some thing, the brain is like a full syntetic and works better maybe then a normal one but i don't know the diffrence, she said my memorys are normaly raw data and take up a lot of space as thiere normaly unconpressed for faster callback but tech said the memorys are removed and i got a large chunk of encrypted data in place of it. said my eyes where also replaced with synthetics no idea what else has been replaced still lucky to have my junk intact i guess.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Woke up in taxi office, my head feels like it's about to burst. found ID and a letter along with medical stuff in my pockets. pills make head better, letter dosn't make sence thoughid says my name is Gray it's a worn metor ID. photo of me looks bout a year maybe, my eyes are diffrent though thier hazle in the photo.slept rough, not sure where i am anyway so on guard. I had a weapon on me when i woke i pray i remeber how to use it if i don't remeber anything else.