Saturday, 14 March 2009

slept rough under a pile of garbage, i guess it was a good thing i smelt like shit i would of ended up meat for the animals on the catwalks.heads hurting again.A kid walked up to me, she must of been maybe 20 but she was a lot shorter then most adults, she looked odd not like the feline hybreds but more likea mousey one her ears where round n her tail was wormlike. she told me someone could help n took me to see a doc across the waters.This part of the city is a lot cleaner but more military here seems they run a tight ship on things n don't allow hybreds to go unchecked.mouse took me to the apartment, her friend was a dish but looked like she knew her stuff least i hoped so, i didn't wanna be poked and prodded by a skirt least not today my head is killing me. Doc couldn't work out but found hardwear in my head and body like i'd be altered. she helped with pain n gave me meds for it the headaches are goingbut i need the medication still. Doc, "Sunny" needed a second opionion from a ex mliltary tech she treats, the tech knew more about my problem i guess said i got a cybernetic brain or some thing, the brain is like a full syntetic and works better maybe then a normal one but i don't know the diffrence, she said my memorys are normaly raw data and take up a lot of space as thiere normaly unconpressed for faster callback but tech said the memorys are removed and i got a large chunk of encrypted data in place of it. said my eyes where also replaced with synthetics no idea what else has been replaced still lucky to have my junk intact i guess.

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