Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Neon Dreams

I woke up again from that dream, the dream of the boy on the sand. I took Yvan to that place, i was able to pick up some cheap hardwear from the trade district, it was an old combat visor i was able to modify, the visor is used for tactical relay basicly overlays a VR simulation over the battlefield giving tactical data, the front is also reinforced. they normaly relay satalite nav data and areal video in to the composit loop but i was able to feed data directly from my cyberbrain.
The trods also allow full sence simulation allowing the mind to feel, smell & hear aswell as see.

We was in the apartment when i took her there, the field and sandy beach front ... it makes me smile thinking about it i guess.
She wishes she could stay i guess i wanted her to but it wouldn't be wise i guess. I mean staying in the construct for a long period ones mind can become unstable and also the body will need matinence in the real world i guess. I mean it's ok for me , the machien to stay in the construct.
I always wonder when i'd see the boy again, he seems to be a key to my minds mistrys.

Yvan keeps getting in to trouble but she almost ended up in trouble with me though i'd never hurt her but angel on the other hand i guess i'm not sure about. I got to remind myself who she is and that i can't hurt one without hurting the other but as far as it seems Angel means no harm.
She came to me a few nights ago i was takking one of the strays home and she accused me of some shit, like i fried her phone. Hell the thing wasn't even broke she was crazy about it i guess but shes got a good heart i guess. she said i hacked the phone.. i wasn't sure but i looked in to it.
Remote hacking wasn't alien consept i guess afterall Sidney remote hacked the droids brain that one time but i thought in to it and used the constrct to see if i could control other digital machiens first trying cellphones with slow succsess but now i think i can send a text without a phone.

The remote hacking skill is not easy it takes a lot of focus and i need the visor as an aid for now phones are easy but the power grid today, well that was something i wasn't sure about i made an ATM spit 50cr in to the street and a vending machien spit out a soda across the street give it time i guess i'm going to train still maybe i'll be able to controle other Mecha.

I still wait for the boy in my dreams to talk to me, he is important i know it's not just a dream it feels to real when i sleep to be a dream.